Intelligent pallet management

The Heilbronn half-pallet and the Neckarsulm Europallet are offered and operated by PreTurn in a closed pallet pool circuit. The empty pallets are collected in the logistics centers and made available to various production plants. The focus is on short distances and optimal utilization of the semitrailer trucks. The Europe-wide pallet pool guarantees short transport routes and protects the environment.

Pooling with PreTurn

Your shipment always in view

Pooling with PreTurn

In addition to the development of pallets, PreTurn also operates the Heilbronn half-pallet and the Neckarsulm Europallet in a closed pallet pool. This pooling solution benefits from the localization and tracking of each individual pallet using RFID. The system is supplemented by gate solutions, such as the automatic identification of entire truck loads when trucks pass through. We have the right solution for every requirement.

Always up-to-date thanks to real-time software

PreTurn uses user-friendly, web-based software to control and handle all logistics and commercial processes. Thanks to the integrated RFID technology, movements and locations of the pallets can be tracked at any time. This increases the transparency and efficiency of the logistics chain. For example, it is possible to inform the respective addressees by email about the arrival of their delivery. Losses or damages to a shipment can be assigned according to cause. This transparency helps reduce costs which benefits all participants in a pallet pool.