Data transparency in the pallet pool

Built-in chip technology makes every PreTurn pallet localizable and traceable. The use of RFID technology leads to a higher data transparency within the pallet pool. Cost savings are the result. This competitive advantage is shared with the customers.

Single or hundreds digitally detectable

This PreTurn pooling solution benefits from the localization and traceability of every single pallet using RFID. Up to 990 pallets can be detected, for example, when passing through.

One piece and precisely detectable

Both of the load carriers, the Heilbronn half-pallet and the Neckarsulm Europallet, are made with mold-injection manufacturing processes. To automatically detect the pallets on a conveyance system or when going through a gate, both pallet models have the same form of identification. A plastic carriage is inserted into two of the four pallet feet in diagonally opposite arrangement. An RFID label is affixed to these runners. Affixing the transponder diagonally makes detection accuracy the highest possible.

Precise RFID technology combined with an application via cloud. This means that I always have an overview of my entire logistics – no matter where I am and no matter where my goods are currently on their way.

High-quality hardware with GRAI standard

The transponders are based on a Dogbone inlay with Impinj Monza 4D chip. The chip has a 128-bit EPC and a 32-bit user memory. The data on the chip is coded according to GS1 standard GRAI (Global Returnable Asset Identifier) which was developed for identifying multi-use load carriers for administration, development and tracking. The coding of the transponder on each pallet is identical.